Nonprofit Program Interns Visit Unison

Today, three interns from The Denver Foundation’s Nonprofit Internship Program spent the morning at Unison. Josie Martinez, Julia Lomas, and Sydney Paige Pollock are interns at area nonprofits (ACLU, Mile High Youth Corps, Access Gallery) learning more about the field and future career opportunities. They spent the morning shadowing Arrah as part of their program where they are linked to someone in The Denver Foundation’s Executive Directors of Color Institute.  I had the opportunity to ask them a couple of questions about their career interests and what it is like starting your career in Metro Denver when housing is so unaffordable.

What interests you about nonprofits?

Josie:  I found my passion for marketing, advertising, and promotion.  Then I thought about how to use my skills to market something that would make a difference in people’s lives.

Sydney:  I’m studying education…I’ll be working for a Title I school. What made me interested in nonprofits is learning about all the inequities in education (and how nonprofits partner with schools to bring resources).

Julia:  I work at two nonprofits right now, Mile High Youth Corps and TRIO programs, a support program for students…I love two things: people and math.

What is it like being someone who is young in your careers – with the cost of housing in Denver?

Josie:  I am really fortunate right now that my community, I live in Brighton, is growing but they are also growing the affordable housing. My mother and I live in one of the apartments. I am a little worried but I know that there are resources out there.

Sydney:  DPS average teaching salary is less than other parts of Colorado and even across the nation. Colorado is ranked one of the lowest states (for teacher salaries). It is a little bit scary. Most of the teachers in DPS don’t live in Denver because they just can’t afford it or if they do, they have a lot of roommates.

Julia:  We struggle to find housing. My husband is a full-time student studying public health. …It worries me a little bit, but I think I will grow and be able to support our family.

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