RENT ASSISTANCE: We are no longer accepting applications for rent and/or utility assistance. If you live in Adams County and you need rent assistance, you can apply for housing assistance programs through the State of Colorado here.

GET INTERNET: Your household may be eligible to receive a monthly discount on a new or existing internet service plan with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Find out if you qualify here.

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Career Opportunities

Maiker Housing Partners takes pride in each and every team member and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. To the great extent possible, Maiker provides employment, on the job training and contract opportunities for low and very low-income residents in connection with projects and activities administered by the organization.

Section 3 Employment Opportunity Data

Maiker receives funding from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and has certain requirements that must be met on a continual basis. We ask all applicants to review the below income guidelines and, if applicable, notify us during the hiring process.

Applicants qualify if they are:

  • Residents of the housing development in which the contract shall be expended
  • Residents of other housing developments owned and/or managed by Unison
  • Residents within Unison’s boundaries who meet the income guidelines

Please review the income guidelines to assist in determining your qualifications.

Household of 1

$28,050 – $44,900
Low – Very Low Income

Household of 2

$32,050 – $51,300
Low – Very Low Income

Household of 3

$36,050 – $57,770
Low – Very Low Income

Household of 4

$40,050 – $64,100
Low – Very Low Income

Household of 5

$43,300 – $69,250
Low – Very Low Income

Household of 6

$46,500 – $74,400
Low – Very Low Income

Household of 7

$49,700 – $79,500
Low – Very Low Income

Household of 8

$52,900 – $84,650
Low – Very Low Income

Dedicated to Community

As an innovative public housing authority dedicated to socially conscious community development, we invest in the individual and collective power of our members so they can create the lives they aspire to live.
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