We Are Maiker.

Maiker Housing Partners is a progressive housing authority built to address 21st century challenges.
Empowering People

We are disrupting generational poverty through socially conscious community development.

Strengthening Communities
We invest in the individual and collective power of our members so they can create the lives they aspire to live and build thriving communities for the future.

Maiker Welcomes a New Employee Advisory Committee Chair

At Maiker, we firmly believe in creating a space where everyone belongs. This belief not only applies to our members but extends to Maikers alike. As a result, we created the Employee Advisory Committee (EAC) to create a unified front, promote cross-department collaboration, and most importantly, create a space where employees’ voices are heard. 

Resources to Help You Navigate Tax Season

A new year brings a new tax season and, here at Maiker Housing Partners, it is our priority to ensure that our community members are equipped with the necessary resources to navigate the tax filing process in 2024. Whether you’re filing taxes online or in person, these resources can support you through the tax filing process. 


“Affordable housing is the best way to provide people with a step up in life. It has given me sense of security and allows me to plan for my future. Before I found Alto, I was in survival mode. Now, I’m no longer burdened by rent and have the confidence to work towards my goals.”

Selena Shephard, Member at Alto Apartments

Our Communities

At Maiker we strive to offer affordable, clean, safe, beautiful, and growing communities to our residents. Each of our communities offer a variety of amenities that allow our residents to thrive and grow in their homes.

Making a Difference

As a socially conscious public housing authority, Maiker collaborates with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, the private sector, landlords, housing providers and the community to ensure healthy housing environments are available to all Adams County residents.

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