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About Us

Who We Are

Maiker Housing Partners is disrupting generational poverty through socially conscious community development in Adams County. We are committed to addressing the systemic injustice that is the root of poverty. We do this by creating a pipeline of high-quality affordable housing, facilitating community building to impact change, and focusing on individual strengths so our members can create the life they aspire to live.

As one of over 3,000 Housing Authorities across the country, Maiker is a member of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials and works alongside other members from communities across the country to ensure housing needs are advocated for on a national level. Maiker collaborates with other Housing Authorities to collectively work towards the overarching mission of the industry to create attainable and sustainable housing and communities for vulnerable families and individuals.

Maiker is also proud of our approach to socially conscious community development, working in partnership with the community to invest in opportunities that will increase housing affordability. Through these efforts, we transform physical spaces to facilitate community building.

Our Mission

To disrupt generational poverty through socially conscious community development in Adams County.

Our History

Founded in 1974, Adams County commissioners initially established Adams County Housing Authority (ACHA) to further the mission of creating and preserving the vision of safe and affordable housing for all residents. A small housing authority in comparison to counterparts across the country, ACHA was always nimble and progressive in its approach. And in 2018, the organization changed its name to Unison Housing Partners to further harness the momentum of its progressive efforts. This new name defied the stereotypes of affordable housing and was reflective of the coming together of communities to support the hard working individuals and families on the path towards stability and economic independence.

From 2018 to 2020, Unison focused heavily on developing a strong and inclusive culture that evolved the organization and its vision for the future. In early 2020, Unison chose to change its name once again to Maiker Housing Partners to better reflect this forward-thinking momentum and the next chapter for the innovative public housing authority serving Adams County.

Maiker represents the identity and meaning we get from creating a home that is a combination of a safe, stable and affordable physical space, and a thriving community that provides access to jobs, services, transportation and social engagement for all residents.

Founded in 1974
Adams County Housing Authority was established.
Changed Our Name in 2018

Changed our name to Unison Housing Partners.

A new chapter in 2020

We are Maiker Housing Partners.

30+ Years of Community Development
We continue our mission of disrupting generational poverty through socially conscious community development in Adams County.

Maiker Leadership

Peter LiFari

Executive Director
Drew O'Connor

Drew O'Connor

Deputy Director
Chris Dukes

Chris Dukes

Director of Property Operations

Brenda Mascarenas

Director of Housing Programs & Services

Steven Kunshier

Director of Housing Development

Dana Miller

Director of Finance

Shant’a Johnson

Director of Family and Community Vitality

Currently Vacant

Director of Fundraising

Board of Commissioners

Eva J. Henry

Board Chair

Dawn Davis

Board Commissioner

Paul V. Franke

Board Commissioner

Jennifer Grafton

Board Commissioner

Eric Montoya

Board Commissioner

Jessica Sandgren

Board Commissioner

Making a Difference

As a socially-conscious public housing authority, Maiker collaborates with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, the private sector, landlords, housing providers and the community to ensure healthy housing environments are available to all Adams County residents.
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