Our Culture

Creating a space where everyone belongs.

One Maiker — One Culture

We are humble. We are hungry. We are smart.

We are Maikers

Maikers nurture opportunity for all people in all environments.

Maikers Believe

Making a Difference

As a socially-conscious public housing authority, Maiker collaborates with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, the private sector, landlords, housing providers and the community to ensure healthy housing environments are available to all Adams County residents.
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Mission in Action


We build and cultivate environments that foster a sense of healing, fellowship and belonging in Maiker communities and throughout Adams County.


We center the ideas and strengths of our members and Maikers and offer our institution as a means to amplify their voices individually and collectively.


We challenge ourselves to explore and test new strategies and models to disrupt outdated and unjust systems.


We partner with each other, our members and numerous community organizations to inform our strategies and leverage our individual and collective impact.


We believe in each other, recognize and learn from our mistakes, and commit to consistently improving the way we do our work together—this is the Maiker way.

Strategic Pillars

In 2022 Maiker Housing Partners developed a new strategic plan that will strengthen our commitment to community development and guide our organizational efforts through 2025. Drafted in collaboration with Maiker staff, leadership and PointB(e) Consulting, this strategic plan will inform and elevate the work we do in partnership with Maiker members, staff and Adams County community leaders.

Maiker is a member-centered organization.

Maiker emphasizes and delivers operational and organizational excellence as it grows.

Maiker expands housing opportunities, and does so in an equitable and climate resilient/responsive manner.

Maiker advocates for policy and systemic change consistent with its mission and vision to disrupt generational poverty and build generational wealth.

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