COVID-19 and Housing Agency Operations


“Every day is history but some days are more memorable than others, and we are in that period now.” – Peter LiFari, Executive Director of Maiker Housing Partners

As the United States faces the coronavirus pandemic, housing leaders across the country are working concurrently to address another one of our most urgent concerns: the housing crisis.

This week, Maiker’s executive director Peter LiFari joined Adrianne Todman, CEO of NAHRO, Barbara Kauss, executive director of Stanislaus Regional Housing Authority in California, and Stacy Spann, executive director of Housing Operations Commission of Montgomery County in Maryland for a peer-to-peer exchange about the critical role housing leaders play in our communities right now. 

The group discussed the challenges they are facing as housing providers and shared the measures they are each taking to lead their respective housing agency operations through this time of disruption and uncertainty.

Guided by the belief that housing and health are inextricably linked, Peter shared how Maiker is working diligently to lead a statewide effort with community partners to promote housing as the foundation that protects Colorado’s investments into the public health emergency response that is occurring now at this critical phase of the crisis. He added that Maiker is also looking ahead beyond these immediate response needs to determine how to maintain housing tenant stability now through the summer.

Peter signed off by encouraging housing leaders to lean on their networks of elected officials, foundation leaders, interested citizens and stakeholders, and work to be an anchor institution within their communities during this time of crisis. 

To read more about Maiker’s response to the development of COVID-19 in our community, CLICK HERE.

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