Celebrating 25 Years at Maiker Housing Partners with Laura Lucero, Senior Housing Specialist

After 25 years serving the Adams County community, Maiker Housing Partners celebrates the retirement of Laura Jean Lucero! Laura was an integral member of the housing team, and we will miss the passion and dedication she brought to this role. 

As Senior Housing Specialist, Laura oversaw the daily activities of six Maiker staff members, five housing specialists and one housing inspector to ensure that the team was achieving the Maiker mission of creating a pipeline of high-quality affordable housing for Adams County residents. 

Some of Laura’s most notable accomplishments throughout her career include working with Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing members and other veterans referred through the VA. She has also worked with Maiker’s Project-Based Voucher Program since 2010, providing housing to individuals in Maiker owned communities and other single-family households throughout Adams County. 

While there have been many highlights from Laura’s 25 years at Maiker, her favorite part of being a Houser has been working with and assisting people through the Housing Choice Vouchers Program. She feels incredibly fortunate for her time at Maiker and the connections she has built with community members and staff.

Congratulations on your retirement, Laura! You will be missed by Maiker members, staff and friends.

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