Adams County Office Building Transforming into Affordable Housing

Unison’s 7401 Broadway project gets another mention, this time on Westminster Window and Northglenn Thornton Sentinel.

This project is unique in many ways- Adams County, for the first-time ever, has donated land and building for affordable housing purposes. This 40,000 sq.ft. office building is getting re-purposed into a great place to live for 116 households, 12 apartments out of which are for youth aging out of foster care.

This County building, not long ago, among other services has provided support to foster children too.

Peter LiFari- Executive Director, Unison Housing Partners says “this decision gives honor to what happened here before. Foster children who visited the building for their appointments and classes before will now have the opportunity to reside at an apartment complex with a strong support system to help them become self-reliant.”

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