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As of March 1, Unison Housing Partners has changed its name to Maiker Housing Partners. Although the organization underwent a name change in early 2018, going from Adams County Housing Authority to Unison Housing Partners, it received notice from a California-based for-profit entity challenging their use of the name Unison in early 2019.

As stated by Peter LiFari, Maiker’s Executive Director, “While we continue to believe our organization’s use of the name Unison did not infringe on their trademark due to our difference in services, mission and structure, our leadership chose to move forward with a name change to remain positive stewards of our resources.”

Over the last two years, Maiker has focused on developing a strong and inclusive culture that has evolved the organization and its vision for the future. The new Maiker name better reflects this forward-thinking momentum and the next chapter for the innovative public housing authority serving Adams County.

“Maiker represents the identity and meaning we get from creating a home. For us, creating a home is a combination of a safe, stable and affordable physical space; and a thriving community that provides access to jobs, services, transportation and social engagement for all residents,” said LiFari. “Our name change also represents a movement away from believing institutions know what’s best for people, and toward believing people know what’s best for themselves.”

For more information about Maiker Housing Partners and its work to disrupt generational poverty through socially conscious community development, visit www.maikerhp.org.


About Maiker Housing Partners
Maiker Housing Partners is disrupting generational poverty through socially conscious community development in Adams County. We serve all residents of Adams County by providing access to affordable housing options and community services, and partnering with others in real estate to rehabilitate and preserve affordable homes. Every day, nearly 100 Maikers work in tandem with our members to address the systemic problems that are the root of poverty in Adams County.

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