Unison Executive Director Joins the Rocky Mountain Cradle to Career Partnership’s Community Leaders Council


We are excited to announce that at the end of last year, Unison Executive Director Peter LiFari joined the Rocky Mountain Cradle to Career Partnership’s Community Leaders Council (CLC). The council is a group of cross-sector leaders from Adams and Broomfield counties who come together to improve outcomes for youth in the community. The CLC includes leadership from school districts, post-secondary entities, nonprofits, businesses and city and county governments. LiFari has also joined the Steering Committee for CLC, which sets the strategic priorities of the partnership.

“Peter understands that no single organization, however innovative or powerful, can transform systems to support youth all on their own,” said Becky Hoffman, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Cradle to Career Partnership. “Shared work must occur, policy must shift, and resource alignment must happen for systems to truly transform, and Peter knows that affordable housing is a key sector in making this happen.”

As a socially conscious housing authority, Unison housers know there are many factors involved when it comes to ensuring that stability and economic self-sufficiency are achievable goals for all Adams County residents and their children. LiFari plans to use this knowledge and his experience in the affordable housing sector to drive important work forward for Adams County youth.

“Affordable housing is a key player in this fight for our community’s youth, especially for youth who live in economically disadvantaged households. Research shows that high-quality, affordable housing, located in safe neighborhoods, can help provide a stable environment where youth can learn and succeed,” said Hoffman. “If we didn’t have affordable housing at the table, we wouldn’t be doing our due diligence in ensuring we are collectively impacting the success of our young people.”

The Rocky Mountain Cradle to Career Partnership was previously the Youth Initiative of Adams County. For more information on CLC, click here.

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