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Setting the Bar High – FSS Graduation

Yesterday, at the Unison offices we celebrated the graduation of Timora from the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program. FSS is an intense 5-year program where someone on a Housing Choice Voucher works with our FSS Coordinator, Elizabeth Aryeetey, on their goals. Timora has realized her goal of becoming financially stable and is working towards fulfilling her dream of starting a baking business.

Timora is one of the most self-aware people I’ve ever met. In her comments at the graduation ceremony, she mentioned that “everything I have gone through has prepared me for what’s next.”

Elizabeth, when commenting on how Timora has changed her life over the past five years, said, “You’ve set a high bar for your kids coming up behind you.”

We can’t wait for Timora’s business to open. She says that she will have her website up by the end of the year to provide delicious sweets including gluten-free and vegan options because, as she says, just because you have dietary restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something sweet once in a while.

Congratulations to Timora! And, congratulations to her team at Unison:  Elizabeth, Anndi Barajas (Lead Housing Specialist), and Simone Vaughn (Housing Specialist), who helped her along the way to this milestone.


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