CDC Eviction Ban is a welcomed, yet temporary solution


Today, September 4, 2020, a federal executive order was enacted through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ordering a halt on evictions nationwide through December for people who have lost work during the pandemic and do not have other safe housing options. While Maiker joins our colleagues in the housing arena in celebrating this historic action, we know it is only a temporary solution to a much larger housing crisis that has been apparent for many years and will only worsen in the future.

Like so many tenants and landlords, we are eagerly awaiting more information on how the significant need for financial support will be met when the moratorium is lifted come January. Despite this desire for additional information, we are grateful that our country’s leadership has enacted this order to provide much needed clarity and safe haven for tenants experiencing financial hardship during this unprecedented time.

Adams County has been fortunate to receive a portion of the CARES Act Funding that has allowed us to provide immediate financial support in the form of rental and mortgage assistance to those individuals most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Other communities have not been as fortunate and we recognize the struggle is real and only increasing – hence why this order is so needed. While this moratorium is welcomed, we must recognize it is not enough to cede the impending crisis that is on the horizon. Our country is in dire need of more resources to keep tenants safe and landlord’s solvent for the long-term. At Maiker we are proud of the partnerships we maintain that have led to innovative funding and resources for our community’s most vulnerable citizens. As a result, we have decreased evictions and provided peace of mind to those who are experiencing financial hardship. We urge other counties and our federal government to consider adopting these collaborative practices and removing the barriers that so many tenants and landlords face in applying for financial assistance to stay housed and financially solvent. 

We also want to be sure that individuals who will benefit from this eviction ban understand it is NOT a rent forgiveness program. Payments will eventually be due and we encourage those in Adams County experiencing hardship to apply for assistance through Maiker. We also welcome applications from landlords who are willing to apply for assistance for tenants struggling to meet rental payments.

In summary, this historic order is a great first step from our country’s leadership to protect our most vulnerable – but now Congress must come together and allocate significant emergency rent and mortgage funding that benefits tenants, landlords and communities alike. These actions must occur in a timely fashion, free of overly burdensome regulations that slow down the administration process, less this action of grace is transformed into a tragedy for all involved. We were in a housing crisis before COVID-19 reared its head and this moratorium only furthers the need to develop a long-term solution for keeping our people safe and housed.

Peter LiFari
Executive Director
Maiker Housing Partners

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