Our Strategic Plan in Action in 2023

Maiker Housing Partners recently developed a strategic plan that will inform and elevate the work we do as a socially conscious community developer. Drafted in collaboration with Maiker staff, board leadership and Point B(e) Consulting, this plan will guide our organizational efforts over the next three years. 

Shortly after the plan was introduced to our team in late 2022, Maiker staff got to work using the framework as inspiration to organize and launch new projects intended to facilitate community building across Adams County. As we look ahead to an exciting 2023, we’re pleased to share an update on what we’ve been working on in alignment with each pillar of our strategic plan.

Pillar 1: Maiker is a member-centered organization. 

As our Maiker communities have grown, there have been additional opportunities to connect with, learn from and organize alongside our Maiker members. To support this continued connection, Maiker has doubled the size of our Family and Community Vitality (FCV) team. We are providing additional training and support to the FCV team so they are better able to help members navigate the resources available in our region and build relationships within their communities. By growing our FCV team, Maiker is investing in our member-centered model through programs that build the power of our members individually and collectively. 

Pillar 2: Maiker emphasizes and delivers operational and organizational excellence as it grows. 

In the process of developing action plans for 2023 and beyond, every Maiker department has highlighted areas of operational efficiency and excellence in which to innovate as we continue to expand our portfolio and programming. Focusing on these improvements will provide better insight, access and service to our members and the community at large.

Pillar 3: Maiker expands housing opportunities and does so in an equitable and climate-resilient manner. 

Maiker works in partnership with the Adams County community to advocate for and invest in opportunities that will increase housing accessibility and affordability across the region. We are planning to advance this work in 2023 through the launch of a mortgage assistance and foreclosure prevention program that focuses on equitable preservation of home ownership among working people and families. By helping Adams County homeowners stay in their homes, we are interrupting the cycle of generational poverty by strengthening the accrued wealth that comes with homeownership. 

Pillar 4: Maiker advocates for policy and systemic change consistent with its mission and vision to disrupt generational poverty and build generational wealth. 

Maiker is currently involved in a variety of advocacy efforts that have the potential to create a more equitable housing industry across Adams County. One of these initiatives began in late 2022, when Maiker partnered with Growing Home and the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County to launch Community Voice for Action. Community Voice for Action is a community organizing and training institute led by Southwest Adams County community members. The Institute received a three-year grant from The Colorado Health Foundation to address issues such as housing affordability and food justice through community-led organizing and advocacy. In addition to our grassroots organizing support, Maiker’s CEO Peter LiFari has been actively supporting pro-affordable housing policy development at the municipal, county and state level.

If you haven’t had a chance to dig into our strategic plan, check it out here. Our team will continue to provide updates on the plan’s alignment with our programs in the months and years to come. For now, stay tuned as we continue to grow the initiatives above. 

We look forward to partnering with you to build thriving communities for today and for the future.

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