Introducing Maiker’s Community Ambassador Program

Maiker’s Family and Community Vitality (FCV) team recently launched an effort that will strengthen  Maiker communities. The Community Ambassador Program calls upon members who live at Maiker properties to serve as trusted resources for their neighbors. 

“I love it here. I love the people I’ve met,” shared Monique, an ambassador for Alto Apartments. “My goal is to help members come together and be the real community we want to be all the time.” 

Whether it’s a member who has lived in a community for years or a neighbor who is always around to help, the Community Ambassador program is an opportunity for Maiker leaders to be trained and rewarded for their work.

Ambassadors attend monthly meetings where they receive training on the local resources, programs and opportunities available to Maiker members. Each ambassador receives a monthly stipend for participating in the program. Thanks to a partnership with T-Mobile, Community Ambassadors also have the opportunity to receive cell phones and iPads in order to stay connected and share information with their community. 

Though the program is in its early stages, ambassadors have expressed excitement about the program and the opportunity to become a better neighbor. Shelley, the ambassador for Orchard Crossing, is most excited about the incremental changes that she can already see happening in her role as an ambassador. 

“We’re taking care of the community and looking out for each other,” said Shelley. “We’re doing things that are super small. But if we don’t start small, how can we expect to make big changes?” 

Are you a strong relationship builder interested in increasing your knowledge of community resources to spread to others? Then reach out to for more info on how to become a Community Ambassador. We are currently looking for Community Ambassadors at the following Maiker communities: Creekside Place, Crossing Pointe North, Overlook at Thornton, Waterview, Village of Greenbriar, Village of Yorkshire, and Zuni. Join us and support your community today!

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