2019 Annual Report

Cause & Effect

Maiker Housing Partners is disrupting generational poverty through socially conscious community development in Adams County.

As a progressive housing authority, Maiker is committed to addressing the systemic injustice that is the root of poverty. We do this by creating a pipeline of high-quality affordable housing, facilitating community building to impact change, and focusing on individual strengths so members can create the lives they aspire to live.


Peter LiFari

Executive Director

2019 was another banner year for Maiker Housing Partners.

Not only did our team continue to move the needle towards our mission, but we also brought to life our newly developed core values and beliefs, moving us one step closer to operational excellence. These core beliefs drive our behaviors as an organization and have resulted in an operational playbook with its own language inspired by the inclusive spirit that defines our existence. At Maiker we are governed by a set of ideals created by us and for us. These ideals will continue to be our true north as an agency, reminding us to always treat each other and those we serve with dignity, warmth and grace. We are proud of the beliefs and values that now serve as our guide. We will continue to find ways of expanding and deepening our reach in Adams County, partnering and collaborating with like-minded agencies and investing in the individual and collective power of our members so they can create the lives they aspire to live.
Eva Henry

Eva Henry

Chair, Maiker Board of Commissioners

Having been a struggling single mom I know first-hand how hard it is to find safe and quality affordable family housing.

I am proud to be a part of an organization that not only builds the buildings, but ensures the end results are warm, inviting and safe homes for those in the greatest need. As we look back on 2019, we celebrate a year of many successes – each one leading to the next, but all rooted in the core beliefs that the team has collectively set as their guiding light towards achieving the Maiker mission.


Our Core Beliefs

Creating a space where everyone belongs.
In 2019, we took a deeply focused look in the mirror that inspired a top to bottom review of Maiker’s processes, practices, language and the underlying behaviors regarding how we make each other and our members feel. Guided by a shared desire to establish a vital state of connectiveness, we created our new Core Beliefs.

Maikers believe:

Maikers nurture opportunity for all people in all environments.


Donor Spotlights

The Denver Foundation

In 2019, The Denver Foundation invited Maiker to participate in its Shift cohort – a yearlong, capacity-building program designed to support our efforts to become more member-centered. We received approximately 44 hours of individualized coaching time from Shift coaches and a $1,000 grant to help defray costs of Shift activities. Maiker’s participation in the Shift program was a catalyst for program development and internal policy change to support members in using their voice and power to build strong and connected communities.

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE)

2019 marked the second year of a three-year collaborative grant from CDPHE. Of the over $200,000 granted to Growing Home, Maiker is one of two sub-grantees (along with Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County) and receives $68,000 each of the three years to fund our community organizing work at Alto. In 2019 this work saw great success leading to the formation of the resident-led Alto Community Council, as well as the empowerment of our members to engage their fellow community members in a community garden, a community art project and participation in leadership development and advocacy trainings. As a result of this work, members of the Alto community came together and advocated for the Westminster City County approval of 216 affordable housing units to be developed in Adams County. This work was hard yet rewarding not only for the affordable housing community, but for the members whose voices were heard and who contributed to change in their community – and all of it would not have been possible without the investment of CDPHE.
Partner Spotlights

Maiker/Growing Home/ECPAC

2019 was a year of strengthening partnerships and diving deeper into our collaborative work on behalf of Adams County residents. Maiker continued our relationship with local nonprofits Growing Home and the ECPAC as we entered year two of our collective grant from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Our three organizations dove deeper into the innovative model of combining community organizing and early child development under the stability of affordable housing to engage individuals in advocacy work that directly impacts their lives and their families We leveraged the Collaborative Coaching model implemented by Growing Home, welcoming a full-time Growing Home Coach at Alto who carried a caseload of up to 10 families at any given time. This model resulted in Maiker’s ability to supplement the broad support provided by our communities with individualized support rooted in personal goal setting for each family. This partnership also leveraged ECPAC’s expertise in early childhood development allowing Maiker to further define our policies for better serving the young people at each of our communities. ECPAC also contributed to the advocacy work resulting from our combined partnership to ensure the interests of all members of our communities were at the forefront.

Adams County

We also continued to strengthen our partnership with Adams County in 2019, participating in collaborative strategy sessions to address county-wide issues related to affordable housing and homelessness and working together to develop the vision for a safe housing environment for young people aging out of the foster care system. Maiker also continued partner with the County’s Human Services Department to administer Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds for Adams County residents struggling to pay rent.
Selena Shepherd
Selena Shepherd was inspired to join Alto’s Community Council after seeing first-hand what community organizing can accomplish. When her neighbors’ testimony at a Westminster City Council meeting resulted in a “yes” vote for a new affordable housing development, Selena recognized an opportunity to keep the momentum going forward.
“Affordable housing is the best way to provide people with a step up in life. It has given me sense of security and allows me to plan for my future. Before I found Alto, I was in survival mode. Now, I’m no longer burdened by rent and have the confidence to work towards my goals.”
Since joining Alto’s Community Council, Selena has participated in a Hunger Free Colorado event for food justice. Guided by the belief that affordable housing should be accessible to anyone who needs it, Selena has become a strong local advocate for Maiker’s mission.
Selena Shepherd, Alto community member

Board of Commissioners Spotlight

Jenni Grafton

Jenni Grafton

Jenni Grafton, LEED AP-ND, Assoc. AIA › Maiker Board of Commissioners Member
Jenni joined Maiker’s Board of Commissioners in April 2019. As the Economic Policy & Development Manager at the City of Westminster, she brings experience in urban design, plan review and development services. Her primary focus is on redevelopment efforts in the Westminster Station TOD area and coordinating the City’s affordable housing policy and strategy initiative. Her expertise includes design project management, public policy development, sustainability practices and urban infill projects.

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