Due to the unprecedented demand for resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, Maiker has closed our Adams County tenant Rent, Mortgage and Utility Assistance program. For more information about your application, click here.

Debido a la gran demanda de recursos durante la pandemia de COVID-19, Maiker ha ha cerrado nuestro programa de asistencia para alquiler, hipoteca y servicios públicos para inquilinos del condado de Adams. Para obtener más información sobre su aplicación, haga clic aquí. 

Maiker will continue our current state of COVID-19 operations until further notice.


Advocating for Change

Making a Difference

As a socially conscious public housing authority, Maiker collaborates with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, the private sector, landlords, housing providers and the community to ensure healthy housing environments are available to all Adams County residents.

The Need for Affordable Housing in Adams County

Average Wage

Estimated average hourly wage of renters in Adams County. At this wage, the average full-time worker can afford $880 in rent.

Average Rent

Average Fair Market Rent for a Two-Bedroom apartment in Adams County


Number of Adams County households that do not earn enough to afford a two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent.

Fastest Growing County in CO

DRCOG projects Adams County will be the fastest growing county in CO over the next 20 years in both population and employment.

Rent Outpacing Wages

Rents in Adams County are increasing faster than wages.
“The American Dream means a lot to me. It is having a dream and making it happen.”
Delia lives at Waterview on the Parkway and attends community classes with her children

Maiker's Role

  • We advocate for changes to streamline the permitting process for new affordable housing developments.
  • We take a progressive stance on changes to resident screening standards that will reduce barriers for those with the greatest need.
  • We work to end the cycle of generational poverty by combining access to affordable housing with programs designed to help individuals and families establish stability and work toward economic independence.
  • We partner with the private sector and other stakeholders to identify new solutions.
  • We work in partnership with the community to invest in opportunities that will increase housing affordability and positively transform neighborhoods.
Served Each Year

Maiker serves more than 15,000 residents each year through housing.

Referrals Each Month

Each month, more than 2,200 individuals visit Maiker seeking referrals to other human services agencies or nonprofit organizations for services.

Housing Policy

Maiker advocates for affordable housing for all and government support of affordable housing and stability support services. We are active at the local, state and federal levels, and work hand in hand with other community organizations to ensure our collective voice is heard and representative of those we serve. For more information on active legislation and other ways to support advocacy work on behalf of affordable housing and related issues, visit our partners at Housing Colorado.

Living Affordably in Adams County

Maiker provides access to affordable housing options for families and individuals in Adams County.